Why You Need A Blog and How To Start One

I have already written a little bit about why you need a blog as an affiliate, but that post only highlights a few of the reasons. Let me tell you a bit more about my own experience with blogging today, to help you understand the reality of what it can do for you.

Blogging was one of the things that I personally started waaaaaay back at the beginning of my online earning journey (over 10 years ago now). I had no idea what I was doing, and had to actually google “what is a blog?”. Now back then I literally used my blog as an online journal to record my earnings from using free sites. It was not well written, it was not optimized for google, and it did not have anything else that people say you must use to have a successful blog. Yet it worked for one simple reason. I shared MY journey towards becoming debt free and MY story about how I got there.

I will be forever grateful that I dipped my toes into the world of blogging so soon, as it taught me a huge amount. It did help me to become debt free over time, but much more than that. It set me up for success online. I STILL have many of the followers who read my first blog, even though that blog got deleted by the free platform I was using. Had I not written that blog I would not have understood the power it provides.

Why You Need A Blog?

So many people ask “Why you need a blog when there are so many other options available now?”. In my experience online, nothing else works like a blog does. It works for you 24/7 to attract the right kind of people towards you (by that I mean people who are genuinely interested in the topic you are writing about). It also lifts your status to expert, teacher, coach and trainer. It helps to show others you are a professional online marketer, and not just someone with no idea what they are doing (even if you don’t really know much yet). It also identifies that you are someone who is willing and able to share useful information. THAT is key to your success.

All of these things are vital when you want to build a following online. Without that following you are going to struggle with affiliate marketing, or any other kind of online marketing you wish to do.

Why You Need A Blog AND Social Media

Some people think it is enough to simply have a social media account, but it is not. Social media is about providing a snapshot….. a few seconds of attention on a single post. This is not enough if you want to really focus on building a loyal following (and trust me you do). A blog AND a social media account together gives you and your followers the best of both worlds. The social media account will help you to get views of your blog posts, and the blog posts will do the teaching and retaining your audience long term.

Together a blog and social media account can and will make you unstoppable.

That is why you need a blog…..

In our journey together I will teach you how to build BOTH a social media following, AND a blog. It will take a bit of time and effort at first, but it will soon take off for you if you follow my guidance.

Ready to get started?

It is quite simple to begin. Just click here to register for a blogging account with the platform I recommend to everyone. You will get a free trial for 7 days, then it costs $10 a month. A paid blogging account is required as the free accounts do not offer the options you will need as we progress. I will explain more about why I choose this account later, for now just know it is going to help you make a LOT more money.

When you register for your account you will be asked to create a domain name. That is the address for your blog. If unsure about what address to create, then choose your own name. That will help you to stand out as a professional marketer too!

There are a few other things you will need to choose as you register. I suggest you use an individual account, the basic plan, and you can turn on the privacy option if you want to (I personally don’t bother as I tell everyone who I am anyway…..)

In the next few blog posts I will tell you exactly how to set up your blog, and what to write.


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