Start Earning Today

Start Earning Today

I have a whole list of ad click sites that I can tell you about, but I suggest you start earning today with a site I discovered just a couple of months ago. The site is called Earn Bit Moon.

Click Here To Join Earn Bit Moon

This little site has multiple earning options available, but the reason I like it so much is because you can use it to earn every 5 mins. You can also claim an instant payment when you reach just $0.20.

I have claimed several times from this site already, and love how fast you get the withdrawals. You will need an account with Faucet Pay, Payeer or another crypto wallet to complete the withdrawal. Faucet pay allows you to withdraw when you reach $0.20 in your account.

Click Here To Join Faucet Pay

Daily Earning Routine

To make the most of your time using ad click sites I highly recommend you create a daily routine for yourself. The amount of time you spend clicking ads is entirely up to you. It doesn’t matter if you spend 5 mins a day or 5 hours a day, as long as you work consistently and on a daily basis, you WILL be able to reach high level income clicking ads when you follow my strategy.

Start Earning Today

I suggest you do just 3 things on the earn Bit Moon Site today:

  • Claim the daily bonus
  • Claim from the faucet
  • Complete ad clicks

Claim the Daily Bonus

You should see the daily bonus option as soon as you log in, if you don’t see it simply click on the EARN COINS button and you will see a drop down menu:

Daily Bonus is the second option on the list as shown.

Claim from the Faucet

To claim from the faucet (available every 5 mins), just click on the EARN COINS button and choose FAUCET. Alternatively you will see the faucet on your dashboard:

Simply click on the yellow ROLL NOW button under the “Claim FREE coins every 5 minutes”

When you click the yellow button, you will see the captcha option which you need to complete before you can make the claim. When you have done that just click the yellow PRESS AND WIN button.

The number will roll and tell you what prize you have won for doing the claim. In this example I won 5.10 Coins

As I said, you can make this claim every 5 minutes. It is possible to earn enough to make a daily withdrawal just from using the faucet claim option.

Complete Ad Clicks

To complete the ad clicks on Earn Bit Moon, you once again click on the EARN COINS button, and then choose VIEW ADS. There are usually about 12 – 18 ads available for me to click on each morning, with more coming available throughout the day.

To complete the ad clicks simply click on the green VISIT button. The ad will open in a new window, and you will see a timer bar at the top of the page. Allow the timer to finish, complete the captcha, and you will see the success notification that you have been paid for the ad click.

Higher Level Earnings

There are a few options on this site for higher level earnings. You can complete surveys and offers which pay a higher amount, so you might like to have a look at those.

The main way to earn a lot more without having to spend a long time working though is team building (and I will teach you how to do that in my next blog post).

You can also increase your earnings by upgrading your account. There are various membership options available as shown below:

Mostly the higher membership levels will increase your earnings from referrals, however there is also the faucet multiplier which can increase your earnings considerably. If you can claim from the faucet a lot during the day this is worth looking at.

My Strategy For Earning High Level Income

My strategy for earning high level income from this site involves using it to fund other accounts. The first account costs just $1.25 and will generate a constant flow of commission. You can earn over $100,000 with this account, and I will explain more about it in a later post.


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(My friends call me K.C.)

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