Stop Chasing the Next Shiny Ball!

At first glance The Shiny Ball Syndrome (SBS) doesn’t have a lot to offer.

The business concept for SBS is basically about using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make a self-selling program that helps to overcome the main barriers to success online.

It is aimed at those who have struggled to make money in the past and have very little experience in marketing.

It also has a very low cost with only a $10 one-time investment.

That makes it perfect for those who can’t or don’t want to spend much money to get started.

The true value of this program is in the fact that it builds a list of buyers for the person who is promoting it.

This would be you.

As you promote SBS you are building yourself a buyers list.

That can and will allow you to short-cut your way into a highly effective affiliate marketing business with unlimited income potential.

However, I would like to explain more about the direct income that can be gained via sales of the SBS program itself.

When you bring in a person who buys the $10 Miracle Business you will receive $4.60. (50% commission less a 4% admin fee.)

When that person does the same thing, you will receive $2.12. (50% matching bonus of their commission, less the 4% fee)

I know…that doesn’t seem like much so think bigger. 

If you like making fifty percent on ten dollars, why not multiply your earnings potential FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT?

We offer a $50 level. One-time.

Want to move it up another FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT?

We also offer a $100 one-time entry level.

That’s a ONE TIME PRICE for either one you want.

Just fifty bucks one time or one hundred bucks one time.

And you get a fifty percent commission on that amount.

Now here is the real money.

You get a fifty percent matching check bonus on every check that every referral you ever bring in makes as well.

The Fifty bucks one time entry makes you $25 commissions and $12.50 matching check bonuses.

The One hundred bucks one time entry makes you $50.00 commissions and $25.00 matching check bonuses.

Think Big…Aim for a new member every day. 

Don’t Hesitate…Activate


Knight C Duerig

(My friends call me K.C.)

Text 208-599-2638


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  1. Ellie Murphy Avatar

    Love SBS!! The commissions are rolling in day after day.

    I know its not going to stop any time soon!

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  3. Javad Namjoo Avatar
    Javad Namjoo


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