How To Import a Lead Capture Page Into Leadsleap

To import a lead capture page into Leadsleap is very easy and takes just a few clicks.

Click first on the PAGE MANAGER link in the main menu and click on the Add A New Page button:

In the popup box enter a name for your new lead capture page and click the Add Now button:

Click on the Add New Design To Start Button:

In the pop up box enter the page share code and click on import now:

The page will now be showing inside your Page Manager on Leadsleap.

Remember to create a new email list and connect it to the Lead Capture Page before you start promoting it.

Click Here For Instructions on Creating A New Email List


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  1. […] You will use a lead capture page to get people onto your list, you do not need to have any contacts already. Make sure you have followed the steps provided to import a copy of my lead capture page. […]

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