Creating Affiliate Marketing Leverage

Leverage is pretty much the key to success online, so lets take the time today to really look at what it is and how it can be created.

There are 2 different types of leverage:

Money Leverage
People Leverage

You can use either, or both to help you move forward. Both together is like adding rocket fuel to your earning systems.

Money leverage is as it sounds: You use some funds to help you move forward. A good example of this is using a paid traffic site so you can get results a lot faster.

People leverage is about team building and using the power of numbers to help you move forward. A great example of this is using a free earning site where you earn a small amount for your own activity levels, but with others involved you can actually earn an unlimited amount of income.

To show exactly how these two types of leverage work lets look closer at Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB)

Click Here To Join Infinity Traffic Boost If not already done so.

You can join ITB for free, and surf 100 pages to earn a little each day. It will take time and effort to reach the first level upgrade, but it can be done if you work consistently.

By using people leverage (team building) you can reach the first level upgrade a lot faster. With just a few referrals who are surfing daily it will only take 2 – 3 weeks to upgrade, instead of the 4 – 6 weeks it would take on your own. In other words it is TWICE as effective when you have a few other people helping you. You move forward MUCH faster with a few referrals.

Promoting your lead capture page is what will get you those referrals.

Now what happens when you work consistently AND you have a few referrals who work consistently too?

You earn enough to upgrade within a few weeks, and your referrals also earn enough to upgrade after you. This introduces money leverage into the system.

Your upgrade gives you more traffic and that moves you forward with gaining more email subscribers and referrals.

If you have 4 referrals who keep surfing until they upgrade to level 1 on ITB you will earn 80% commission from their purchases.

4 x $4 = $16
80% of $16 = $12.80

These funds can be used to purchase the next level of traffic package on ITB… now you are starting to gain ground with your advertising campaigns. You have more traffic = more subscribers and referrals.

Do you see how this creates a full cycle of success?

Using BOTH people and money leverage is what propels you forward.
It takes a small amount of money ($4) and multiplies it over and over and over again.

In order to succeed in your goal of reaching $10,000 a month you need to use BOTH money and people leverage to push you forward.

One without the other does work in time…. but TOGETHER is where the real power comes from.

This means you need to really focus your efforts on 2 things:

Spending a little money on paid advertising
Getting a few paid referrals on those paid traffic sites

When you do this you will be pushed forward up the ladder of success.
However, it is really important that you work on moving up the ladder ONE RUNG at a time. One step at a time this is what happens:

Pay for traffic
Gain subscribers and referrals
People leverage helps you move forward
Money leverage secures your footing on the ladder AND pays for the next step.
You can THEN move to the next step.

You need to work consistently
You need to focus on one level at a time UNTIL you have paid referrals who are following you forward.

This is why you MUST upgrade on The Click Engine, Ezclix and Infinity Traffic Boost first of all.

Then you need to focus on getting enough subscribers onto your list so you get some action takers.

Only then will you have the leverage that is required to propel you forward into success.

How do you do that?
You just use MORE traffic…..

Here is a link to some extra traffic bonuses that you can claim for free:

I keep adding more to that page when I find them as well….
Use them all.
They will get you more subscribers and referrals to push you forward.

When you have registered on each account and claimed the bonuses use this code in LeadsLeap to create your own copy of it to share in your emails: 


To create your own copy, go here for instructions.

To update the links inside click on launch editor, click on the red box and in the side menu box you will see the place to update the url to your own ref link. 


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