How To Earn $240K With 2 Sites


Since I started working on my earn $100K in 2024 system a few weeks ago I discovered something very interesting.  That is….. earning cash on traffic exchanges is very very easy.  It took me about a week to earn $120 on Actual Hits 4U

By surfing a total of1000 pages, using funds earned to upgrade & getting free referrals…. 

Now I have started making money on Diamond Hits 4U as well and I just joined that site.

By surfing 125 pages a day, using funds earned to upgrade & getting free referrals….

It made me look closer, and I worked it out – you can actually earn $240K doing this.  

But of course that requires referrals.
How do you get referrals for traffic exchanges? 
You surf and use the ad credits earned to promote another site.  

So here is a very simple plan for you to start working on this system: 

Join Actual Hits 4U & Diamond Hits 4U using the links above.
Both are free to join (ignore the upgrade pages when you log in first of all).  
Click on the surf button and you will be prompted to add a website link.  
Add your ref link for Diamond Hits into the website link box on Actual Hits 4U.
Add your ref link for Actual Hits 4U into the website link box on Diamond Hits. 
You will find the ref links under affiliate tools section on both sites. 

You will have to allocate a percentage of your ad credits to the ad (you will be prompted to do that when you try to start to surf). 

Surf each day until you have 1000 ad credits earned on each site.
Upgrade on Actual Hits 4U using the Piggy Bank cash you get from surfing on there.  
This earns you higher levels of commission. 

Keep surfing on both sites daily and you will earn extra cash from doing that.  
Use that cash to pay for advertising.
In time you will get referrals on both sites.  

It is such a simple system and it works…. 


PS If you have been building your email list already feel free to send a copy of this email to your subscribers….. that should get you some referrals to help you get started. 

PPS use the sites above to build your email lists too!
I am starting to get 20 – 30 new subscribers daily now AND am making money just from surfing too.   What an easy way it is to pay for traffic upgrades and scale your traffic levels at the same time….






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  1. laurie Leigh okonski Avatar

    It sounds like a really good system I’ll give it a try. thank you, Laurie Okonski,

  2. Pawan kumar gupta Avatar

    wow the great thanks and regard .

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